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It costs about a $100 for a dinner for two at a nice restaurant. You get a nice dinner for two. It costs about $100 for basic cable TV for a month. You get to watch TV for thirty days. It costs about $100 for two tickets to a play. That will give about ninety minutes of entertainment. It costs about $100 for a small basket of groceries. That will be good for a week or so for the family dinners. This is all good stuff. It costs a net of $100 to put thousands on the bottom line.

The cost for membership in the National TUPSSO Franchise Owners Association is a net cost of $100 per year.

You get information to help you cut your UPS bills by two percent, every bill every week. You learn how to reduce your energy costs by more than one thousand per year, every year for as long as you are in the system. Information is provided to eliminate sales tax on all your leased equipment, thirty to fifty dollars each and every month. Asset protection information is provide that could have saved some owners thousands in internal losses. Business insurance cost reduction information is provided that can save one thousand dollars on average, each and every year. This and more is provided for the net cost of $100 per year.

Marketing to convert six digit account holders can significantly drive sales. One customer of five hundred to one thousand per month would net an owner more than five thousand per year in bottom line profit. Introducing DHL through the DHL Plus Program will add international shipping to the sales mix. Five hundred to one thousand dollars per month would net and owner three to five thousand dollars in bottom line profit per year. Converting QVC customers to doing business with you the local The UPS Store owner instead of the post office at the rate of two or three packages a day would positively impact sales.

The bottom line would increase the money in an owners pocket by a couple thousand per year. Add one mailbox rental per month with the Mailbox Service Plus Program with the Smart Office will produce sales with nearly one hundred percent profit. The bottom line would receive an annual bump of profit of at least one thousand dollars each and every year. These programs and more all for a net cost of $100 per year.

How much value would your place on being prepared for a CARE audit, being able to complete the audit in about an hour? How much would it be worth to keep your customized declared value to the minimum forty three cents per hundred? What is the value to know how much sales are while you are not in the store, how many refunds are given, any large discounts offered, who is actually waiting on the customers? What is a resource worth that provides screen capture software, color matching software, form design software for free or Adobe Creative Suite or crate and box making software for around one hundred dollars? These valuable tools and more are available for the net cost of $100

Would it be important for your employees to be able to easily learn how to use Microsoft Publisher or do graphic design? Is learning Print and making it easier for your employees something you would like to happen? Would it help your operation to learn how to provide individual client price control? How much would it be worth not too lose the software that you have loaded on your back room computer when the conversion to the next POS platform takes place? These productivity benefits and more for a net cost of $100

What would the power of the entire franchise community be worth if it was focused on, an operational issue important for your store; a question on print or how to get something printed that was new to your operation; or maximizing the use of optional print equipment in your print profit center? How valuable would it be to talk with thousands of owners focused on the same issues that interested you? This and more for the net cost of $100 per year.

All of these cost cutting and sales building initiative designed by members of the National TUPSSO Franchise Owners Association add to the bottom line each and every year.

Annual dues for an Active Membership in the National TUPSSO Franchise Owners Association is $250 for the first store and $150 for each additional store. One of the benefit programs offer by the Association is the Members Choice Program. This program offers each owner a discount certificate for each store from Vendor Select Program participating vendors in the amount of $150. Net cost for each member $100. An owner that has seven stores, an owner that has one store, net cost $100. Even if none of the profit producing initiatives outlined in the previous paragraphs are ever used, net cost per owner $100

Would you be willing to invest $100 each and every year to put thousands on your bottom line?

UPS Worldport

The National Geographic Channel has been running the news story “Ultimate Factories” - UPS’s Worldport.  You can see it here: http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/channel/ultimate-factories/videos/ups-worldport/embed/  It is very educational. Most customers and employees do not clearly understand what packages go through.


The National TUPSSO Franchise Owners Association is made up of franchisees of The UPS Stores working together to help each other cut costs, increase sales, and make more money.


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