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Health Care Plus Program

TUPSSO is making a health plan available to members. This is a ACA-exempt plan that has cost-saving features that make this a great alternative to the expensive, uncapped ACA exchange plans.

SHARED HEALTH ALLIANCE health plans were created in response to the demand for affordable health coverage. Most people only use their health coverage for a few office visits a year, telemedicine, maybe a prescription or routine checkups and age appropriate health screenings. Shared Health Alliance has combined these features with a choice of limited $150K/$250K/$500K of catastrophic coverage (like an accident or heart attack that puts you into the hospital) using a partnership with Unity Healthshare.

What this does is provide people with the most common uses of their medical coverage, gives people a choice of the amount of coverage, and without the big price tag of unlimited coverage of an ACA health insurance plan. Having a Shared Health Alliance plan counts as required having health coverage under the ACA mandate.

Please consult the brochures and read to inform yourself if this is the right option for your needs. There are preexisting condition limitations. Many people need full cost ACA health insurance. Shared Health Alliance provides TUPSSO members and their staff an affordable option.

For more information about Shared Health Alliance or to enroll, click on Learn more

For those who want a PPO Health Insurance, Health Care Plus has that option as well.
These plans are not HMOs….but a PPO!! Health Care Plus provides its members to access to an association health insurance plan that allows a choice of deductible 1000/3000/5000 and uses the CIGNA network. There are options to add Gap coverage, Dental, Vision, and Lump Sum Critical Illness.

Members may enroll themselves, spouse and dependents. Employees of members of the National TUPSSO FOA may also apply. Applications are FULLY UNDERWRITTEN, and there are medical questions that must be answered. Applications can be denied for medical reasons. These prices are very competitive, and in many instances, coverage is superior and premiums are lower than full priced retail Affordable Care Act HMO plans.

This plan is proprietary to our Broker and its partners. If you have ever tried to find a direct billed PPO plan, you understand that this is a rare opportunity for National TUPSSO FOA members.

The National TUPSSO FOA enrollment portal is being constructed and it will be available soon.

The insurance broker/agency for NTUPSSO FOA is Reference Insurance and our contact broker is Sean Pfeiffer. Sean specializes in the association/union/non-payroll group benefits space. He has been in insurance for 14 years and resides in Dallas, TX. He is graduate of Sewanee: The University of the South and holds an Economics degree from that University.

From the President

by Tad Mollnhauer, Store #0151, Executive Director
National The UPS Store Owners Franchise Owners Association

What do you really know about our The UPS Store network? I’m sure you are well aware that The UPS Store network is the world’s largest franchisor of retail shipping, postal, printing, and business service centers. I’m also sure that you know there are now more than 5,000 independently owned The UPS Store locations in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada. You are probably aware that UPS acquired Mail Boxes Etc., Inc. in 2001. And some of you might even remember that on April 7, 2003, approximately 3,000 Mail Boxes Etc. locations in the United States rebranded as The UPS Store.

But did you know that the Toys for Tots Literacy Program launched in March 2008? Did you know the 2017 The UPS Store Toys for Tots Literacy Program Tournament of Roses Parade float received the Isabella Coleman Award? Did you know The UPS Store was ranked #4 on the Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2017 Franchise 500 ranking? Did you know that Tim Davis was named President of The UPS Store, Inc. in July 2012? Did you know that Chris Adkins (Vice President of Franchise Development), Kevin Foley (Vice President of Human Resources, Training and Development), Jeff Giboney (Vice President of Corporate Retail Solutions), Jim Hillquist (Senior Vice President of Operations), Efrain Inzunza (Vice President of Project Management Office and Strategy), David Lee (Vice President of Product Development and Print Services), Imad Nusheiwat (Vice President of Corporate Development), Eric Maida (Regional Vice President – East), and Jayson Richard (Regional Vice President – Central) all worked for UPS prior to assuming Senior Leadership positions with The UPS Store?

I ask these questions because I believe it is important that we need to truly understand the motivation, the direction, and the strategic vision of our Senior Leadership.
Unfortunately, I have not been provided a clear understanding of what the key factors are, how they relate to the decision-making process of our Senior Leadership, or how they contribute to the overall success of our network. The standard response of we understand your concerns, but please know that everything is proceeding according to our plan. As a reminder, you are required to follow our plan, so we ask that you focus your attention on selling print and additional impulse items. And just being told to do something that seems counter-productive to my bottom line, without a clear and verifiable objective, seems disingenuous at best. As a result, I have little faith that our Senior Leadership really understands the challenges we are dealing with on a daily basis, and I feel that our concerns about the above mentioned motivation, direction, and vision of this network have been largely ignored.

I have seen this before. I knew people who worked for Blockbuster as it was in the process of imploding. They presented many of the same concerns our owners have voiced about the changes, both drastic and subtle, occurring within the network and yet the Blockbuster Senior Management either ignored or dismissed their input as irrelevant. We all know how that ended, in failure. Blockbuster did not fail because a single store in Orlando did not meet its arbitrarily set candy and popcorn impulse buy quota. Blockbuster failed because of the avoidable mistakes and incorrect assumptions made by their Senior Management. I think we all would like to avoid the same fate for our network.

“We need to truly understand the motivation, the direction, and the strategic vision of our Senior Leadership.

So, what is lacking from our Senior Leadership? In a word, innovation. In the more than 10 years that I have been in this franchise network, I have not seen anything that would suggest that we have ever evolved to profitably meet the changing expectations of our customers. For example, our POS is antiquated and completely inadequate. Even Blockbuster could tell a customer if they had previously rented a movie, yet our POS can’t tell us anything about our customers. No purchase history, no special pricing, no details of previous print jobs, nothing that would help us cultivate a stronger relationship with our customers. Because of these deficiencies in our POS, we are unable to anticipate, adapt to, or even understand the needs of our customers.

In addition, we can either be a provider of World Class customer service, or we can be the low-price option to our customers; we cannot be both. Why do we not focus on our competitive advantages, as opposed to the constant discounts that HO promotes? Mailbox service is our most profitable service, and we just don’t take the necessary steps to drive our competitive advantage for this profit center. The news is full of stories about “Porch Pirates”, people that steal packages from homes, and yet we still we don’t promote our Mailbox Service to address this security issue. Instead, we get promotions offering 25% off all printing. However, UPS continues to promote Access Point, My Choice, and other UPS centric initiatives.

“Blockbuster failed because of the avoidable mistakes and incorrect assumptions made by their Senior Management.”

UPS continues to promote initiatives that seem designed to increase UPS profits, at the expense of our own revenue potential. UPS continues to promote initiatives that are in direct conflict with our Mailbox Service profit center. And it seems as if our Senior Leadership has no interest in protecting our most profitable service from this UPS encroachment. If UPS continues to erode the profitability of our current business model, what are we to do? Continue pushing discounted print? Do we continue doing the same thing, with the same basic profit centers, moving forward with no innovation? No, history has proven that this concept will not work long-term. I subscribe to an even more radical concept, one where we branch out to include moving, storage, and office space solutions for our customers. I know that the Senior Leadership of this network has not publicly addressed any of these options, but, none the less, we, the Senior Leadership AND the store owners, should explore how to proceed with these concepts.


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UPS Worldport

The National Geographic Channel has been running this news story “Ultimate Factories” - UPS’s Worldport.  You can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWAwL3Rlbjo  It is very educational. Most customers and some employees do not clearly understand what packages go through.


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