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Print Flow Plus Monitor Program

The Association will launch its newest sales building/productivity program in August. The Print Flow Plus Monitor Program will address the challenges of monitoring the print flow production process.

With the continued growth of the Print Profit Center challenges occur controlling the production of print jobs. Which one is due first, which one is a rush, which is complete, which has been outsourced, which one it paid, is there a balance due? There are many factors and dynamics that play into monitoring and controlling production for multiple print jobs.

The Print Flow Plus Program will offer three solution levels to meet the needs of store owners with varying levels of print expertise as well as different levels of print monitoring needs.

  • The Core Level will provide a monitoring solution using more traditional methods like physical or paper tracking with progressive tools to improve the process.

  • The Cloud Level uses much of the information from the Core Level but utilizes cloud storage to take the monitoring process to a new level.

  • The Web Level uses cloud-based software to monitor the production process maximizing the cloud storage and a web-based process.

Utilizing The Core level production monitoring provides a paper trail print flow management process. This level relies on current tools developed by The Association; The Association Print Catalog, Graphic Design Worksheet, Print Order Form, Production Time Graphic, as well as the newest tool – The Print Flow Production Monitor.

The Print Flow Production Monitor is the key element for monitoring a print job from Graphic Design to Proof to approval to production to completion to payment. This excel tool monitors customer information and follow up. The Print Flow Production Core Level provides color coding for each phase of the print production process for easy recognition of the print jobs place in production.

Print Jackets with color coded production cards maintain all physical materials utilized in the print production. The color-coded production cards identify different stages of the production process: New Print Job, In Design Phase, Proof Process, Print Job in Progress, Rush Print Job, Waiting from Outsource to name a few.


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Group Medical Plan

New for the National TUPSSO Franchise Owners Association: a quality group health plan at affordable prices. 

For those of you looking for a comprehensive medical plan with access to 3 national provider networks and multiple plan options and deductibles, visit our website to see plans and pricing.

The TUPSSO online enrollment portal has other insurance choices like a PPO dental plan that is like a standard group dental (100-80-50, with a plan year deductible). We are also offering a vision plan, lump sum critical illness and a gap policy. You will also have the option to add up to $150,000 of guaranteed issue life insurance option. See the site for details or contact our broker directly.

Access to these plans is only available to NTUPSSO FOA members and their staff. Access for the enrollment portal is only available to NTUPSSO FOA members or employees.

The costs of these plans are competitive as they are offered on a selective basis. The application includes a questionnaire that will need to be completed for you and any dependents you wish to cover.  All applications are reviewed for approval and your eligibility for the plan. 

You need to apply by the 17th of the month for the following 1st of the month effective date. Enrollment occurs every month throughout the year. If switching from another plan, DO NOT CANCEL YOUR EXISTING PLAN UNTIL YOUR RECEIVE APPROVAL FROM THE NEW PLAN. There is a benefit summary on the enrollment page for you to compare. Individuals are responsible for their own comparison and suitability for each product.

Contact: Sean Pfeiffer
Phone: 214-718-8806
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 

Visit the TUPSSO enrollment portal

UPS Worldport

The National Geographic Channel has been running this news story “Ultimate Factories” - UPS’s Worldport.  You can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWAwL3Rlbjo  It is very educational. Most customers and some employees do not clearly understand what packages go through.


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