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Ten Years. That’s how long The Association has been helping members improve their profit outlook. While there were owners working together before that, there was no formal group that comprised the size of The National TUPSSO Franchise Owners Association.

The strength of what can be accomplished when the franchise community works together never ceases to amaze. What began as a small group of owners trying to figure out the best way to manage the transition to Gold Shield became the largest group of franchisees dedicated to improving store profitability, cut costs, in-crease sales, make more money! That was one of the founding principles.

Membership has now reach record levels with approximately 25% of the network working as one. But what has been accomplished and why would other owners that know little about The Association want to join?

First came the local general membership meetings, sharing ideas, finding how to’s, learning the best cost, learning what helps increase sales, learning what works, and learning what doesn’t. These meetings had agendas put together by members, designed for members, facilitated by members. To find a way to share these successes in other areas of the country, the original franchisee communication network was born. Corporate management has since adopted a similar tool and called it Connect. Next we needed a forum to share these programs and information. http://www.tupssofoa.org was launched. This website is where all the cost cutting, sales building, productivity, marketing tools, software downloads, general tools and forms, and business information is shared.
The information for each initiative was put together in a “program” format. The Association wanted each owner to be able to easily implement these programs. The program format was designed to provide everything all in one place. Each program contained information on how to get started, how the initiative worked, how to obtain the necessary accounting forms, how to get marketing materials designed by other members as well as information to maximize the success of the program. A step-by-step Techno Guide was included as well as a link to a video tutorial explaining the program components. Sales Programs included the following examples:

• The Business Plus Program showing how to market to 6 Digit UPS account holders
• ID Protection Plus Program (now be advocated by management)
• Mailbox Plus including the Mailbox Application Kit providing for payment through your Bridgeline Digital Website (adapted by management)
• Rack Card Plus Program (adapted by management)
• eBay Plus and other sales building initiatives.

All of these sales programs include support materials, step-by-step Techno Guides and video tutorials as outlined below through The Association’s Learning Academy. Cost cutting programs are equally as effective on the bottom line. Popular examples include:
• Energy Plus Program
• Asset Protection Plus
• Billing Plus Program (providing 2%+ cost reduction on UPS Bills)
• Business Insurance Plus
• Label Plus Program
• UPS Supply Program
• Recycle Plus Program

And others all contribute thousands to the bottom line. All costs cutting programs include support materials, step-by-step Techno Guides and video tutorials as outlined below through The Association’s Learning Academy. Productivity initiatives providing additional monies to the bottom line include the Claims Plus Program; Quantum View Plus Program; Scan Plus Program; Employee Plus and more. These Association programs that have been developed by store owners working their business day to day provide for thousands added to the bottom line.

Teaching hundreds of owners how to use these valuable programs led us to start The Association’s Learning Academy. The Learning Academy utilizes Techno Clinics and Techno Series to provide pro-gram information. These on-line webinars provide an opportunity for members and employees to participate in live interactive workshops on their computer in the store or at home. All Association webinars as well as The Association programs are turned into video tutorials that could be accessed at any time by members and their employees in The Association’s Learning Academy. Owners who learn best by following a manual or guide can open the Techno Guide also provided in conjunction with the live webinar, and/or the webinars and tutorials.

The Source, The Association’s live discussion network was so successful that Corporate decided to duplicate it. In addition, The Association added a second discussion network dedicated strictly to print. This discussion forum would help provide support for members for the print profit center with real time information sharing focusing on the print profit center. How to, best equipment, best cost, where do I get and more were provided in real time. Two additional discussion forums were added later supporting those members that purchase third party print equipment as well as announcements for recent additions to Association websites.

After the main website, there was a second Association website designed specifically to provide information and support for members for the print profit center. The Association Printing Plus Program Print website offers equipment re-views, print growth programs, software downloads, marketing materials (including holiday), tools and templates, with a complete print catalog (including holiday materials). This tool like many others were later adapted by management for use on the hub. The print cloud website also provided support for members by “Cloud Stores.” Stores that would provide print support, expertise, and actual print production for members that preferred help or that did not have the proper equipment to produce the job. This truly gave members the ability to never say no to any print request by their customer. The Print Plus Program Print initiative was supported by The Learning Academy providing video tutorials for all print programs, print initiatives and print Techno Clinic webinars. You can access the Print Cloud through the main home page by clicking on the Print Cloud tab.

The Association also hosted a Reception for ALL store owners at each of the last three The UPS Store Conventions. These receptions provided yet another opportunity for ALL store owners to improve their profitability. Techno Work-shops, Vendor Select Presentations, price promotions, Food, Fun, Giveaways, guest speakers, and most importantly a chance for owners to share time, conversation, laughs, and successes with each other.

The Association has been able to provide all of this for ten years with an approximate cost to each owner a net of only $100 per year regardless of how many stores they own. This has all been accomplished with a membership reaching over twenty five percent of the network. Imagine what could be accomplished with more owners working together.

Members working together in a positive way allows for limitless success. Association members will continue to develop new and better ways to improve the bottom line. While challenges continue to confront the franchise community, the Association and its members will work in a positive way to produce a better business future.

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UPS Worldport

The National Geographic Channel has been running the news story “Ultimate Factories” - UPS’s Worldport.  You can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWAwL3Rlbjo  It is very educational. Most customers and employees do not clearly understand what packages go through.


The National TUPSSO Franchise Owners Association is made up of franchisees of The UPS Stores working together to help each other cut costs, increase sales, and make more money.


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